I have only just been seeing Dr. Sultan for 6 weeks

Condition Treated: Magnesium Deficiency and SIFO

Initials: L.B.

Age: 31

“I have only just been seeing Dr. Sultan for 6 weeks. I came to him with a very long list of complaints. Severe and agonizing stomach pains, chronic fatigue, insomnia, joint/ muscle pains, the list goes on. For approximately 5 years I felt like I was barely living. I was depressed, exhausted, in pain and confused as to why doctors could not help me. I was also skeptical of what Dr. Sultan said he could do. Today just 6 weeks since starting treatment. I came to the office gleaming! I am already feeling much better! I was able to mark numerous improvements on my charts rather than countless complaints. Those agonizing stomach pains are essentially gone! Joint and muscle pain over 75% better. I am sleeping more sound and although I am still experiencing fatigue it is improving day by day. Although my life circumstances remain the same, I find myself handling anxiety and depression far better. I am very much looking forward to continuing treatment and feeling better and healthier through it! Dr. Sultan has my complete trust!” April 2018

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